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Criminal charges could change your life drastically. California penalizes criminal offenses very seriously with incarceration and fines, among other penalties. Attorney Ali Ziai brings 12 years of experience as a former prosecutor, so he knows how everything works on the other side — how the prosecutor might think, how the court often rules, what strategies the state may use against you, and more. Put a strong criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor on your side by choosing Attorney Ziai.

Let us argue for mitigated or dismissed charges in your case. Call (818) 600-6477 or contact the Law Office of Ali Ziai online for a free consultation. Farsi services are available.

Cases We Handle

We handle a range of misdemeanor and felony cases, including:

Our practice covers everything from minor infractions and misdemeanors to serious felonies. We will meet and discuss your case with you to determine what happened, decide if there are any additional witnesses or evidence that might not be referred to in the police report, and discuss what your goals are in the case. We will also evaluate the case to determine whether any motions should be brought, such as a Motion for Suppression of Evidence or a Motion for Dismissal based on a violation of your trial rights. 

If there is any evidence that may result in a more favorable outcome for you, we will provide that to the prosecution. Once an offer is received from the prosecution, we will evaluate the case and offer with you so you can be in the best position to determine whether a plea deal is in your best interest or if fighting the case is the way to go. We will be responsive and available during all stages of the case, and your best interest will always be the primary consideration.

Felony Sentencing Rules

One important California law to be aware is how the state sentences and treats felonies. Felonies are generally punishable by incarceration in state prison or county jail for more than one year, and possible fines of up to $10,000. Some examples of felonies include murder, rape, sale of a controlled substance, and vehicular manslaughter.

Convicted felons may be sentenced to imprisonment in county jail. However, under the "Public Safety Realignment Act," felony offenders are required to serve time in state prison if their crimes:

  • Are considered violent or severe
  • Require sex offender registration
  • Are aggravated white-collar crimes

In most circumstances, a convicted individual may expunge a felony offense if they:

  • successfully completed felony probation; and
  • are not currently charged with a criminal offense, not on probation for a criminal offense, or not serving a sentence for a criminal offense.

Most sex crimes against children may not be expunged in any situation.

Sex Offender Registration for Certain Crimes

One important element of criminal law to be aware of is the unique penalty issued to sex crime offenders: Compulsory sex offender registration. Certain sex crimes warrant registration as a sex offender, according to California Penal Code 290.

As of January 1, 2021, California has implemented a three-tier registration system instead of defaulting to lifetime registration for everyone:

  • Tier One: Requires registration as a sex offender for at least 10 years; for people convicted of the lowest level sex offenses like misdemeanor sexual battery or indecent exposure
  • Tier Two: Requires registration for at least 20 years; for people convicted of mid-level sex offenses like lewdness with a minor under age 14 and non-forced sodomy with a minor under 14
  • Tier Three: Requires lifetime registration as a sex offender; for people convicted of the most serious sex offenses like rape (in most cases), lewdness with a minor by force or fear, sex trafficking of children, sex crimes against children aged 10 and younger, and/or repeated sex crimes

Whether you have been accused of a misdemeanor or a serious felony, our firm is prepared to defend you in court. Attorney Ali Ziai will craft a strategic defense based on his former prosecution knowledge that not all criminal defense attorneys have. His unique experience as someone on the other side can work to your advantage, as he now champions your side. Attorney Ziai is also comfortable in trial and has the professional skill and resources to put up a tough fight for you in court.

Let us argue for reduced or dismissed charges in your criminal case. Call (818) 600-6477 or contact us online to get started with a free consultation.

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